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Individuals Being Served Through AACN

How do I become a part of the AACN?

Visit one of our partner organizations that you would typically visit for resources and requests to be added to the AACN. From there, you will need to fill out the Authorization (Consent) form and work with one of their intake specialists or case managers to determine which needs, resources, and programs are the right fit for you. They will work with you to ensure you are connected with someone at another partner agency.

What kinds of organizations are part of AACN?

Our partner organizations cover a broad range of needs and resources. We have community-based organizations that specialize in education, financial literacy, childcare, parenting classes, access to medical equipment, job training, and placement, and many other areas. We are always looking to add more organizations to AACN to cover the community’s many diverse needs.

How do I know my information is safe when "I'm being referred"?

The platform we use is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based tool that has many safeguards built in to protect the identity and privacy of all of our members. Everyone at our partnering organizations who uses the system is also fully trained to know how to use the platform and keep an individual’s information private and secure.

Can I unenroll myself after I sign the authorization form?

Yes! You can revoke your authorization anytime if you decide that being a part of AACN is not a right fit for you or your family. Get with your point of contact at any participating organization, and they will be able to remove your authorization from your profile.