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Connecting Community Organizations

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The Alamo Area Community Network (AACN) is an alliance of Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) working to improve the health and well-being of individuals and families in the San Antonio region. The AACN brings together human service and nonprofit organizations, funders, government agencies, healthcare and health plans on a single, cloud-based HIPAA-compliant platform to coordinate social services. AACN members believe that social, economic, and environmental factors such as access to developmental services, childcare, healthy food, social services, and transportation are more likely to determine an individual’s health than access to traditional healthcare alone. AACN members hope to improve the well-being, health, and our communities’ health equality by more effectively coordinating to provide these critical services.

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Faster Referrals

CBO’s in the AACN can conduct electronic referrals to other member organizations on behalf of their clients.

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Closed-loop Referrals

CBO’s in the AACN can increase communication and collaboration with peer organizations to identify client and community needs.

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Efficient use of Resources

The AACN aims to reduce duplicative services, identify gaps in the service array, and collaborate to break down silos.

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Goals of AACN

The AACN is focused on creating real change in the life of our community, driven by data, guided by compassion, and with an eye toward new and better solutions.

How to Join the AACN

Start the journey to becoming an Alamo Area Community Network (AACN) member organization by following these simple steps.

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1. Review Timeline

Review the steps to become an AACN member organization.

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2. Watch the Video

Learn about the AACN and if joining is right for your organization.

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3. Read the Network Participation Standards (NPS)

Sign and return the PDF.

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4. Apply to Join the AACN

AACN Leadership Committee reviews and approves complete applications quarterly.

AACN collaboration of CBO's creates faster referrals alongside increased communication and collaboration and more efficient use of resources

Results through collaboration

The AACN evolved from several initiatives created by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation, United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, and Warm Springs Foundation over the last five years. These initiatives utilized a similar multi-agency data-sharing platform(Signify Health) to coordinate care for people with autism, intellectual and physical disabilities, traumatic injury, to strengthen family well-being through parenting education and support programming for families with young children.

After seeing the results of these collaborations – including faster referrals alongside increased communication and collaboration and more efficient use of resources – the agencies and organizations involved decided to pilot a program that could more broadly serve the needs of individuals and families across the region.

ourAACN Social Determinants of Health model

Making an Impact

AACN members are working to collaborate around Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) – a term for the conditions in which people are born, grow, live and work. These include conditions such as access to childcare, healthy food, social services, and transportation. Under the SDoH model, an individual’s health is co-determined by these social, economic, and environmental factors in addition to access to traditional healthcare.

AACN members work to improve well-being and health, and our community’s health equity, by more effectively coordinating to provide these critical services.

AACN will utilize the results of our collaborative work to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to educate the health care industry on their approach to solving for 80% of modifiable health outcomes by evidencing referrals to CBO’s.


The AACN serves our community, individuals, and families.

our Community

  • Preparing our community to address large-scale crisis’ in the future by establishing permanent infrastructure for client-level collaboration across CBO’s
  • Generate data on community needs to enhance infrastructure, allowing San Antonio to compete for additional funding from regional, state, and national resources

Individuals and Families

Simplify the process of applying for and receiving services and improve overall health and well-being through

  • Reduced wait times for referrals
  • Trackable record of needed services and referrals
  • Better coordination between providers serving a client
  • Safe and secure platform to ensure personal information is protected and only accessible with client consent and a service relationship

Community Based Organizations (CBO’s)

AACN partner organizations capture and increase their collaboration around Social Determinants of Health(SDoH) such as developmental services, childcare, access to healthy food, and transportation through

  • Tracking relevant client information including needs and referrals on a live timeline for more informed care
  • Delivery, receipt, and tracking of program referrals; potential for co-management of social care plans
  • Access to a list of verified local community organizations and programs
  • Longitudinal list of social needs of clients & referrals
  • Enhance CBO’s ability to send appropriate service referrals to solve frontline staff’s identified needs

AACN is comprised of Community Based Organizations (CBO's)

Philanthropic and funding entities resources in San Antonio.

Funding/Philanthropic Entities

The AACN will serve as a resource for philanthropic and funding entities to aid them in making informed investments in their respective communities.

  • Reducing duplication of efforts and resources – service activity across organizations tied to a single record per individual
  • Identifying gaps in service and unmet needs in the community
  • Identifying common referral and client need patterns among partner agencies
  • Accessing data to help measure health and social outcomes 
  • Assessing our community’s overall capacity to serve at existing funding levels

Alamo Area Community Network (AACN)

The AACN launched in September 2020 with 28 Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) including an insurance payer and a medical provider, Autism Lifeline Links, United Way HOPES, and Dual Generation initiatives, and Connect Ability. The City of San Antonio and several divisions of the Department of Human Services (DHS) joined the AACN in January 2021 in response to mandates outlined in our city’s COVID Recovery & Resiliency Plan.

A current list of AACN community organizations is available at Signify Community.

The 28 founding organizations are: